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mossfield origins

A small cozy city-builder style game

where all buildings are built from the same foundation! Take your time and build the best self sustaining community for your residents in this chill, relaxing builder, with no time pressure or external forces. Upgrade your foundations via tech tree to redefine and refactor your space.

Meet Andie! Scroll down for screenshots and videos.

Key Features

  • A snack-sized approach to the genre, while still evoking similar satisfaction.
  • Unique and approachable as buildings are built from the same foundation and are discovered by upgrading everything.
  • Explore the surroundings to discover more about the universe, the technologies and relationships as the world varies a little each time.
  • Progress through Research Levels to advance technology, but pay attention to resident needs: with higher level technology they'll have higher expectations to attend to.
  • Undo some of the harm done by those that sent you here as you dismantle their abandoned facilities and re-purpose their technology to do so.

Scroll down for screenshots and videos, see the Steam page for more.

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meet Everett!

The game is in development and made in luxe engine, our own game engine.

Release date, platforms and more will be announced in the near future.



Note: everything shown is work in progress/not final.
Best viewed at 1080p (fullscreen) with sound on!

Narrative + Gameplay trailer


all images are work in progress/not final.